Why Being Passionate is More Important Than Simply Being Smart

          They say knowledge is power; which it is, however, I truly do not believe those students who do nothing in class and score amazing grades will be as successful as someone who spends countless of hours devoting themselves to their work to receive an exceptional grade.  I am a classic case of the student who never had things come easily to them.  In high school, I went on mission trips where I dedicated weeks of my summer to build a memorable college application and had several tutoring sessions after classes just to stay afloat.  Trust me, I’m no idiot; but school is something that I have put my heart and soul into so I can hopefully get ahead of the other entry level graduates in my field.  I am currently a senior at West Chester University where applying myself to my schoolwork has been a full-time job for me.  I am around the clock enriching myself and working harder than the day before in order to excel.  On top of my studies, I work as a Store Manager at Gemelli Artisanal Gelato and Dessert Café where I oversee the execution of tasks and have the pleasure of managing ten female employees. 

          When I was promoted to the position of Store Manager, I cried; simple as that.  I had only worked at the store for three months and there were so many other girls who had seniority over me.  Being offered such a position was the happiest and most relieving day of my life.  I had been so unsure of myself, not truly understanding my worth.  This promotion made me realize, people see me working really hard.  They notice me.  I don’t think my boss will ever understand how much that promotion meant to me.  I work so incredibly hard in every single aspect of my life that I want people see my passions and their worth in comparison to someone who is simply just smart.  Though I absolutely adore my job and would love to stay there forever, I felt fueled with the need to branch out.  I started seeking a second job to gain more work experience.  I was soon blessed with another incredible opportunity when my boss recommended me to a friend who owns a hardwood flooring company where I was appointed as his Social Media Director.  This is where I started to realize that amicable relationships=connections.  Establishing myself before I leave college was on my list of a million things to do and I was starting to accomplish it.  From these experiences I have learned that a bunch of solid grades on a transcript is impressive, but doesn’t show the person behind those grades.  I am putting my knowledge and passions into action to create a brand for myself.  I want a potential employer to look at me and really, truly get to know me. 


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