Does Liking Makeup Make Me Shallow?

          Beauty comes from within.  Confidence is sexy.  Be comfortable in your own skin.  Common phrases such as these are intended to be uplifting, but are exactly what shame women every day for wearing makeup.  I consider myself a cake face.  I wake up in the morning and spend an extensive amount of time in front of the mirror bronzing, blending, covering, enhancing, and pretty much doing any other makeup technique you have ever heard of.  I love talking about cosmetic brands and teaching others about makeup.  If you wanted to know the best way to fill in your brows or a recommendation on which blush will give you an innocent glow, I’m your go-to girl.  People usually understand my passion to an extent.  But once someone catches a glance at my makeup collection or watches me put on mascara just to go to Chipotle, I am automatically judged and feel a twinge of embarrassment for my interests. 

          Having a passion for makeup is a hobby that always seems to be looked down upon.  Men claim to want women with the “natural” look because they think we wear makeup to try to fool them, but what guy is actually dumb enough to believe my eyelids are naturally pearlescent pink???  Just like how some people enjoy going to a sporting goods store to buy new running clothes or finding underground music to add to their playlist, I like to spend hours perusing Ulta, where I learn about different brands, try out products, talk to employees about their makeup preferences, and buy makeup to add to my collection.  At night before I fall asleep, I like to watch my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube provide reviews, tutorials and other created content in regards to cosmetics.  This in no way makes me shallow, it makes me passionate.  Just like how people enjoy wearing band t-shirts to show their love of music, I like to wear makeup to show that I love cosmetics.  It is no different.  I feel no need to walk around bare faced in order to please others.  There’s no reason to hide my authentic self from the world.  I do not wear makeup to hide my insecurities, I wear it to show off my confidence.  This in no way makes me shallow, it makes me, me.  Don’t sweat the small stuff or let other put you down for loving makeup.  Besides, they’re just jealous that you can glue fake eyelashes on your eyes with only one try. 😉


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