Healthier Game Day Snacks

By: Mollie Catherine Bohlander

We get it, you’re always on a diet.  Why does it always seem like it’s so hard to lose the weight but so easy to gain it all back?  Sometimes it’s so difficult to restrain yourself from eating the foods you love, especially when this time of year is all about congregating over fattening food that completely maxes out your daily Weight Watchers points.  That’s why we’re here to help you out.  These game day snacks are slightly healthier versions of your football favorites and still taste amazing.  (Trust me, I feasted on these snacks the second I was done taking the pictures!)  So don’t stress, because we’re totally looking out for your waistline.


burger ingredients.png


1. Sauté mushrooms in a nonstick pan

2. Combine ground turkey, 2 tbls of the barbeque sauce, Worcestershire Sauce, and pepper in a mixing bowl.

3. Add in the fried onions and sautéed mushrooms.  Mix on low.

4. Use an ice cream scooper to create mini burger paddies.

5. Create a small well in the center of the paddies with your thumb and place a pepper jack cheese cube in the middle.

6. Fold the turkey meat over the cheese cube.

7. Cook sliders in a saucepan for about 4 minutes on each side.

8. Top with the rest of the barbeque sauce and serve on slider rolls.


buffalo chicken ingredients.png


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

2.Place water in a pan and add skewers.  Soak skewers for 10 minutes.

3. Add flour and spices into one bowl and the almond milk into a separate bowl.

4. Combine Frank’s Hot Sauce with the buttery spread.

5. Place chicken on the skewers and submerge them in the almond milk.  Then, coat the chicken in the flour and spices mixture.

6. Bake chicken in the oven for 10 minutes, then flip them over and bake for another 10 minutes.

7. Coat the chicken in the hot sauce mixture then bake for 5 more minutes.

8. Serve with bleu cheese and/or celery


1. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees.

2. Slice sweet potatoes into wedges.

3. Place potatoes on a baking sheet and sprinkle with salt, paprika, and chili powder.

4. Bake for 30 minutes then flip the sweet potatoes.  Bake for another 30 minutes.






Does Liking Makeup Make Me Shallow?

          Beauty comes from within.  Confidence is sexy.  Be comfortable in your own skin.  Common phrases such as these are intended to be uplifting, but are exactly what shame women every day for wearing makeup.  I consider myself a cake face.  I wake up in the morning and spend an extensive amount of time in front of the mirror bronzing, blending, covering, enhancing, and pretty much doing any other makeup technique you have ever heard of.  I love talking about cosmetic brands and teaching others about makeup.  If you wanted to know the best way to fill in your brows or a recommendation on which blush will give you an innocent glow, I’m your go-to girl.  People usually understand my passion to an extent.  But once someone catches a glance at my makeup collection or watches me put on mascara just to go to Chipotle, I am automatically judged and feel a twinge of embarrassment for my interests. 

          Having a passion for makeup is a hobby that always seems to be looked down upon.  Men claim to want women with the “natural” look because they think we wear makeup to try to fool them, but what guy is actually dumb enough to believe my eyelids are naturally pearlescent pink???  Just like how some people enjoy going to a sporting goods store to buy new running clothes or finding underground music to add to their playlist, I like to spend hours perusing Ulta, where I learn about different brands, try out products, talk to employees about their makeup preferences, and buy makeup to add to my collection.  At night before I fall asleep, I like to watch my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube provide reviews, tutorials and other created content in regards to cosmetics.  This in no way makes me shallow, it makes me passionate.  Just like how people enjoy wearing band t-shirts to show their love of music, I like to wear makeup to show that I love cosmetics.  It is no different.  I feel no need to walk around bare faced in order to please others.  There’s no reason to hide my authentic self from the world.  I do not wear makeup to hide my insecurities, I wear it to show off my confidence.  This in no way makes me shallow, it makes me, me.  Don’t sweat the small stuff or let other put you down for loving makeup.  Besides, they’re just jealous that you can glue fake eyelashes on your eyes with only one try. 😉

Obese Model Gets Criticized for 240 lb Weight Loss

Well-known, plus-sized model, Rosie Mercado was criticized by the public for her 240-pound weight-loss transformation.  Mercado began her career as a 410-pound model and became extremely successful within the modeling industry.  Following the birth of her children, Rosie felt that she needed to make a drastic change in order to keep up the hectic lifestyle of caring for her children.  Mercado accomplished a 100 lb weight loss through a low-carbohydrate, low-dairy diet but had gained the weight back.  She decided to undergo gastric bypass surgery and lost 240 lbs.  Rosie Mercado stated that after her gastric bypass surgery, her modelling career really took off.  The public has been criticizing her weight-loss claiming she caved into the influence of society. Read the full article here.

Despite the fact that Rosie Mercado was beautiful at even her heaviest weight, her health was incredibly poor due to the excessive fat she carried on her body.  Losing weight after struggling with obesity is not something that the public should criticize, but provide their help and support.  As someone who has always struggled with their body-image, I have found that it is essential to encourage women to eat plant-based foods and exercise to maintain health, not a specific body-image.  Mercado needed to lose weight just as someone with anorexia nervosa needs to gain weight.  It is not for vanity; it is for health.  A countless number of health conditions can result from obesity and someone of such a heavy weight should be working towards weight loss regardless of the reason.  Rosie Mercado’s lifestyle change was specifically fueled by her love for her children and wanting to have the mobility to care for them.  What was an incredibly wise choice by a woman who truly needed to lose weight, is now something that is being criticized by people who are not actually concerned about her health.  It is extremely important to promote all body types, however, the public should respect her decision to reach a healthier and happier self.

I feel that our culture has moved from an era of fat-shaming to an era of skinny-shaming.  Both extremes are unhealthy and neither one is constructive for either party.  It is a relief to be living in a culture that is moving towards encouraging body peace, but it is essential to remember to promote proper health as well.  We should all be living a healthy life, regardless of our size.  For so long I have lived in a world where I was embarrassed to be myself.  I didn’t know why my body was sticking out of the thin mold our society had created.  I felt like nothing.  I don’t want people to feel like nothing anymore.  I choose to support Rosie Mercado because she’s caring for her body in the best way possible no matter what her physical appearance may be.

Why Being Passionate is More Important Than Simply Being Smart

          They say knowledge is power; which it is, however, I truly do not believe those students who do nothing in class and score amazing grades will be as successful as someone who spends countless of hours devoting themselves to their work to receive an exceptional grade.  I am a classic case of the student who never had things come easily to them.  In high school, I went on mission trips where I dedicated weeks of my summer to build a memorable college application and had several tutoring sessions after classes just to stay afloat.  Trust me, I’m no idiot; but school is something that I have put my heart and soul into so I can hopefully get ahead of the other entry level graduates in my field.  I am currently a senior at West Chester University where applying myself to my schoolwork has been a full-time job for me.  I am around the clock enriching myself and working harder than the day before in order to excel.  On top of my studies, I work as a Store Manager at Gemelli Artisanal Gelato and Dessert Café where I oversee the execution of tasks and have the pleasure of managing ten female employees. 

          When I was promoted to the position of Store Manager, I cried; simple as that.  I had only worked at the store for three months and there were so many other girls who had seniority over me.  Being offered such a position was the happiest and most relieving day of my life.  I had been so unsure of myself, not truly understanding my worth.  This promotion made me realize, people see me working really hard.  They notice me.  I don’t think my boss will ever understand how much that promotion meant to me.  I work so incredibly hard in every single aspect of my life that I want people see my passions and their worth in comparison to someone who is simply just smart.  Though I absolutely adore my job and would love to stay there forever, I felt fueled with the need to branch out.  I started seeking a second job to gain more work experience.  I was soon blessed with another incredible opportunity when my boss recommended me to a friend who owns a hardwood flooring company where I was appointed as his Social Media Director.  This is where I started to realize that amicable relationships=connections.  Establishing myself before I leave college was on my list of a million things to do and I was starting to accomplish it.  From these experiences I have learned that a bunch of solid grades on a transcript is impressive, but doesn’t show the person behind those grades.  I am putting my knowledge and passions into action to create a brand for myself.  I want a potential employer to look at me and really, truly get to know me.